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The best time to start working on the life you’ve always imagined is right now.
I know what it feels like to be weighed down by your body; feeling like you’re not where you should be… Like you could be stronger, more toned, fitter, healthier. I know because I’ve seen so many people just like you.


(valued at $174)

Are you struggling with stubborn weight and want to lose fat fast? 

I’m inviting you to look at my new The Fat Burning Program that will help you to switch your body into a fat-burning machine, get in shape, feel energetic and look great.

I know what it feels like to be weighed down by your body; feeling like you’re not where you should be… Like you could be stronger, more toned, fitter, healthier. I know because I’ve seen so many people just like you.

That’s why I formulated The Fat Burning Program. It’s taken years of proven results from my clinical practice and 25 years of experience as a Naturopath & Nutritionist, and put them into one easy-to-follow, at-home program that will see you shedding the weight you’re struggling with in less than a month.

If you are tired of being overweight and not fitting into your clothes, feeling frustrated, constantly thinking about losing weight but not knowing how to start, The Fat Burning Program is ideal for you. 

The Fat Burning Program is an entirely natural approach that uses a unique combination of dietary, lifestyle and special homeopathic drops to give you the results you’ve been seeking in as little as 28 days!


If you’re ready to feel:

  • Fitter and stronger
  • Filled with more energy
  • Free from the weight that burdens you (and know how to maintain that weight loss)
  • Happy and confident in your body
  • Hungry for healthier foods
  • Free from anxiety and constant stress
  • Clear on your goals and vision for life

Then this is the program for you…

And Here’s Your Weight Loss Weapon – The Fat Burning Drops!

These homeopathic fat burning drops have been personally formulated to support my clients along their journey, and they are a must on this program.

These drops have been proven to assist the fat burning process and help diminish cravings (by balancing the hormones and your overall system). As this is a homeopathic remedy, it works holistically to balance the body’s functions without any side effects. These drops also balance emotions, especially the anxieties, worries and stress associated with fat burning and excess weight, and they also help to balance the thyroid gland which speeds up the fat burning process.

What makes this Fat Burning Program different from the rest is a holistic combination of drops and lifestyle.

These fat burning drops work in conjunction with dietary shifts and lifestyle changes to provide the most effective, sustainable shift – that’s actually possible to keep off.

Cooking healthy, nutrition meals is a core focus of this program too. I wanted you to learn how to cook well so you can maintain your healthy weight in the future. You probably know it’s not that hard to lose weight but to maintain it can be challenging. Once you know what to and when to eat, you will keep the weight off for life. 

What people are saying about The Fat Burning Program…

“I have lost 8.1kgs in 28 days and for the first time in 2 years I am below 70kg. I feel fantastic. Not only that, my visceral fat has gone down from 14 to 9!! I haven’t felt so clear and happy in a very very long time. Not only has this program helped me physically but most importantly my mental head space has improved phenomenally.”
– Sam L

“I’ve always had food issues and my weight has yo- yoed up and down since my teenage years. This might be the first time I understand the huge impact my head has had over me always talking me into eating for whatever reason. I’ve had the same thoughts but this time my stomach is overriding and saying you are not hungry. The drops are amazing, no cravings whatsoever. I want a lifetime supply!”
– Elizabeth L

Day 11. My sleep has improved immensely, I woke up really fresh. Jumped on scales and I’m 4.6kg down.This program is amazing! Seeing the results on the scales is definitely a motivator.”
– Samantha

“I’m thrilled, I lost 8 kg and fit into my clothes again comfortably. I’m not hungry and my cravings are gone. My joints are not sore and the swelling In my ankles that I had for many years is gone! This past week I have been on my feet basically 12 hours a day and my feet and ankles are not swollen at all. This is incredible, this is now not just a program for me..this is a lifestyle.”
– Diana S

This was a big success for me. I lost 8 kgs in 28 days- never felt hungry and really learnt to listen to the stomach instead of the head.”
– Alicia L

I feel really great, less foggy and have lost 2.1kg in a week already!!!
– Angie C

“I started the program 3 days ago, I’m sticking to it like glue and have already lost 2.9kg! Yesterday morning when I got on the scales, I’ve lost 1.2kg in a day and have not done any activity. Today I lost 400g and overall 5.9 in 10 days. I’m very happy.”
– Jane 

“When I first came to see Gosia I was overweight, felt bloated, and had problems sleeping. First few days were tough, but after the initial shock of eating less, I started to feel better, my bloating disappeared after 3 days and I instantly fell asleep. My energy levels were through the roof and in the first 3 weeks I lost 9kg. I was happy to continue and 3 weeks later I lost another 5kg feeling even better. I went from size pants 38 to 34! Great results, on both physical and mental state far outweigh the tough first couple of days. Thanks Gosia, you have changed my life.”
– Guy 

“I went on Gosia’s program when I was at a very low point in my life, brain fog, fatigue, bloating, 20 kgs overweight, depressed and anxious. I am an emotional eater and didn’t know how to change that as I had massive amounts of stress and disappointments in my life. Gosia really helped me, she helped me to shift my mindset and somehow I managed to stick to the weight loss program. Now I sleep better, feel more energetic, happier and most importantly lost 15kg in 30 days. I feel like a brand new person, immensely grateful to Gosia for transforming my life.”
– Joanne 

What’s included in the 28-Day Fat Burning Program?

  • Detox House Fat Burning Drops (30ml, valued at $65)
  • The 28-Day Fat Burning Program eBook (28 pages, valued at $49.99)
  • The 28-Day Fat Burning Program Recipe Book (40 pages, valued at $49.99)
  • The 28-Day Fat Burning Program Success Workbook (8 pages, valued at $9.99)

Program Price $97 (valued at $174)

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